Blend Nero

Flexible, versatile and inspired by cement, with a special speckled visual effect. Blend reveals remarkably broad-ranging application possibilities, making it ideal for the world of interior design
Laminam, a brand which stands for innovative materials and unique technology, is the leader in large format porcelain panel production. Versatile and flexible, it is a genuine skin for contemporary architecture, and is ideal in a host of applications.

Oxide Nero

Oxide collection evokes metal that has reacted to sunlight and has been exposed to the weather over time. This collection was devised to embellish settings with character, which has surprisingly become the solution for a total look.
Laminam by Crossville is inspired by the idea of developing the largest and thinnest Porcelain slab ever seen that would increase opportunities for using Porcelain tile in more applications. It is now possible to use Porcelain tile on large surfaces that were previously thought unthinkable!

Fokos Roccia

Fokos originates from the primordial force of nature which is expressed through pure and necessary elements such as Rock, Sand, Earth, Salt. The Fokos series is characterised by natural soft colours which respond to the trend of material research of design. The surface has an attractive tactile, almost velvety feel obtained from the use of raw materials developed by the continuous research for better technology.
The reduced thickness and the high technical performances of Laminam make it suitable for all renovation projects.